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Home Brewed Bar is the 2.0 upgrade on third wave coffee shops and boba cafes. Respecting ritual, we throw out tradition to whip up two of your daily delights, coffee and tea, using an ancient method - Toddy. A process wherein grinds or leaves marinate in cold water for 20 hours transforming into a brew that is less bitter and acidic. It allots us the bandwidth to offer a selection of cold brewed artisan coffees (Nossa Familia Coffee) and teas (Art of Tea) leading to an ornate menu of drinks. HBB offers an array of tea, coffee, flavors, dairy/non-dairy and Boba. Hot, iced or blended, choose from the menu or filter across to build your own brew. Top any drink with our Taro Whipped Cream!

Our mantra is “Deliver amazing drinks and amazing guest service.” In a naturally toned environment with whimsy on the wall, “Brewtenders” happily greet you with a “Welcome Home!” and genuinely friendly service then bid you a heartfelt “Come Home Soon!”
Beverage centric, we are about the drink! But with thirst comes hunger so we offer a selection of cool treats and pastries. Now serving a staple - Kolaches (Morning Boys), a savory or sweet, portable, brunch/lunch food option. We also offer WiFi and seating.


For 20 years, I’ve worked in the hospitality industry in restaurants, bars, clubs and cafes. Learned a lot about what people like and, importantly, what I like. Learned about genuine guest service vs the fake stuff. I believe in genuine and amazing guest service. Treat each guest with respect and make each drink as if I was making my own. I’ve created tons of drinks menus from coffee drinks to fancy mixology cocktails so you’ll see a lot of the bar aspect in our operations. I’m a business owner that respects rituals but rallies against traditions. I want people to see that coffee and tea doesn’t have to be strong and bitter to give you that punch and kick to get you through the day. Coffee and tea can actually taste good as opposed to taste strong.

As a recent father of 2, it is important to keep creating places that allows the family each to get what they want, from a cold brew for the wife, milk tea with boba for the kids or a iced vanilla toddy latte for me, everyone should be able to get a drink all at one place, all made with great quality tea and coffee that’s been brewed with detail and focus. For me, in the guest service industry, I welcome the opportunity to bring a little amazing to each guest’s day, surprise them with sincere and genuine service bringing a “wow” to their drinking experience.


We specialize in cold brew teas and coffees.  We cold brew our teas and coffees for 20 hours making them less acidic and less bitter. 

At Home Brewed Bar, we have A Drink for Everybody.  I prefer drinking my tea or coffee cold since its relatively warm all year round in Los Angeles (and got used to drinking it cold so I’ll drink it cold no matter what the weather).  There aren’t too many places focused on providing both cold brew tea and coffee.  I think the cold brew process delivers the best tasting tea and coffee drink.  We also came to find that it makes for a great tasting hot drink as well. 


We are known for our unique and signature drinks such as our Matcha Pistachio Milk Tea and our Cold Brewed House Coffee with Vanilla. Our drinks are traditionally made with our House Milk (sweetened creamer) but we have an ample array of dairy and non dairy options like hemp, almond, coconut or soy milk.

We have 2 styles of coffee, over 10 types of teas, an array of wonderful flavors. delicious enhancements like our boba, always served fresh and soaked in Simple Brown Syrup (house made brown sugar syrup), and an assortment of different dairy and non-dairy options.  With so many options, our menu allows our guests to build their own brew the way they want it and to make it their own. We make sure that at Home Brewed Bar, you really do feel at home.

We enjoy drinking milk tea and boba, as well as having a great cup of coffee. The cold brew process allows us to do both, as well as provide several different options. If you want great coffee you generally have to go to a coffee shop or cafe. If you want milk tea, you’d have to go to a milk tea shop. There wasn’t a place where you could get both great quality coffee and awesome tasting tea, until Home Brewed Bar. 


High-res photos can be downloaded here (Dropbox)

Photo credit Siorne John/Home Brewed Bar.

Blended Taro Milk Tea with Mini Boba and Taro Whipped Cream.

Taro Whipped Cream.

All our cold drinks are hand crafted and shaken like our popular Vanilla Toddy Latte.

Matcha Pistachio Milk Tea.

All of our coffees, teas, and milks are organic.

All our cold brew lattes and milk teas can also be enjoyed hot.


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