about brian

Born and raised in Southern California, I've been in the hospitality business for 15 years.  I believe the two things that any business should deliver are: amazing guest service and quick and quality products.  It's important to provide an atmosphere that is familiar and welcoming, while providing a refreshing and satisfying beverage.

Why cold brew?

At Home Brewed Bar,  we have A Drink for Everybody.  I prefer drinking my tea or coffee cold since its relatively warm all year round in Los Angeles (and got used to drinking it cold so I'll drink it cold no matter what the weather).  There aren't  too many places focused on providing both cold brew tea and coffee.  I think the cold brew process delivers the best tasting tea and coffee drink.  We also came to find that it makes for a great tasting hot drink as well. 

Why tea, coffee, and boba?

I enjoy drinking milk tea and boba, as well as having a great cup of coffee. The cold brew process allows us to do both, as well as provide several different options. I spotlight an array of different teas along with offering an assortment of flavors.  If you want great coffee you generally have to go to a coffee shop or cafe. If you want milk tea, you'd have to go to a milk tea shop. There wasn't a place where you could get both great quality coffee and awesome tasting tea, until Home Brewed Bar.